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Our Season Finale - a discussion of the state of the country but through an intensely personal lens, a series of vignettes with influencers and thought leaders that, like a jigsaw puzzle, will provide a view of the broad landscape when pieced together. 

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Whither the GOP? When Donald Trump was sworn into office, the GOP held both houses of Congress and was considered untouchable. Two years later, the Democrats won back the House; two years after that, the Senate and the presidency. While the GOP dominates the South and still controls the majority of state legislatures and governorships, moderate Republicans have been marginalized and are fleeing. Demographic trends are challenging its recruiting, creating a potential existential crisis for the party, and it no longer has a platform beyond the support of Donald Trump. The 11th show of the season examines the future of the GOP, the party culture and politics, and the role of the two-party system.

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We’re the first generation to feel the sting of climate change, and we’re the last that can do something about it” has become something of a cliché, a summary of the existential threat posed by global warming. As climate change moves from an imminent peril to a deadly reality for vast swaths of the country, a panel of nationally recognized groundbreakers discuss the gaping dichotomy between what scientists say needs to be done to moderate an impending disaster and the political reality of what is possible. 

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A century after the ratification of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote, the uncertainty that foreshadowed the suffrage victory foreshadows the precariousness of women’s rights. “Finish the Fight!,” a rallying cry from the battle to win the final battle of the women’s voting rights movement, once again characterizes the ongoing struggle for full gender equality, and is the focus of the show’s ninth episode. The guests discuss the history of the women’s movement and the hurdles that remain.

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Since the Kardashians became America’s royalty – famous for being, well, famous – celebrity has defined the country’s culture, an essential element to win power and influence. Donald Trump took celebrity to new heights, using it to become the most powerful man in the world. Now a new generation of luminaries is coming of age. Who are they? What do they have in common? What do they tell us about the country’s direction and its future? Those questions are the focus of Common Ground with Jane Whitney’s sixth show.

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Case by case, the Supreme Court has rewritten the rules that have long structured the way we live, how we are governed, how we worship, even who we are. Immigration. Health Care. Political representation. Reproductive and religious rights. . . It's hard to find any aspect of daily life beyond the reach of the court's sticky tentacles. In this  program, some of the country's most celebrated court watchers will explore the political maelstrom enveloping the court and how the decisions from its just-concluded session will impact the way we live.

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In the wake of almost weekly police killings of people of color and with one city after another smoldering over another case of unequal justice, the anguish and anger of bigotry is the focus of "Common Ground with Jane Whitney's" fourth show of the season. Part of an annual series of programs on racism in America, the forum brings together a group of trenchant voices to discuss how race and identity issues are systemic and shape every aspect of life in the country. 

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The effort to rebuild and fortify democracy in the face of worldwide gains by autocracies is the heart of "Common Ground with Jane Whitney's" third show of the 2021 season. The forum assembles a panel of renowned voices to discuss the escalating threats to undermine the rule of law and to disenfranchise swaths of Americans as well as how the country can rebuild its constitutional guardrails.

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Common Ground’s second show of the season focuses on whether longing for common ground is nothing more than the vestigial dream of bygone era – or if the country can recapture the unity of spirit and purpose that has written America’s history in overcoming previous crises. The panelists talk about the formidable forces empowering the fringes and why the majority of Americans are relegated to the political sidelines to bemoan their diminishing influence.  

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Every shock, like every life, leaves a legacy to reverberate across time. Crises - such as The Great Depression, the fall of the Berlin Wall or the collapse of Lehman Brothers - sent shockwaves racing around the globe and provoked profound but previously unimaginable changes in the way we live and think.  To help make sense of the ground shifting beneath our feet as this crisis unfolds, Conversations On the Green will open its ninth season with “Life Beyond The Pandemic.”


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In the wake of the January 6 insurrection, probably the most serious threat to our constitutional government since the Civil War, leaders of the FBI and law enforcement authorities have repeatedly warned that the threat of domestic grown terrorism is metastasizing. Are they overreacting to a momentary spasm of the body politic or does the danger to our democracy run deeper than previously acknowledged? The panel of experts address the question and discuss what the country can do to reinforce our democracy’s foundations.


Has America lost its preeminent place in the world? Emerging from World War II as the first among equals, the United States became the architect and leader of a series of overlapping international alliances and agreements that relied on cooperation to seed the unrivaled progress and prosperity of the post-war era. Panelists include Richard Haass, David Ignatius, and Robin Wright.


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Often referred to as “the conscience of America,” Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and historian Jon Meacham talks about how America’s history of overcoming crises makes him confident and hopeful that the country once again will prevail over these tumultuous times.

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Former mayor and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg headlines a panel of leading activists, including Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart, U.S. Representative Sharice Davids, and Virginia House Delegate Danica Roem, to discuss the landmark successes of the LGBTQ rights movement and the remaining hurdles of the movement.

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Three titans of American economic thought come together in Conversations On the Green’s sixth forum of the season. Two Nobel laureates in economics, Joseph Stiglitz and Paul Krugman, are joined by Danny Meyer, a respected businessman and restauranteur.

This is the first time these three giants have ever debated. They will discuss how to repair the economy amidst the worst economic crisis in almost a century and the once-in-a-generation shift now underway in economic thinking.

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Three renowned experts on international affairs discuss America’s standing in the world and the impact of President Trump’s relegation of the country’s traditional allies and alliances. In the face of the country’s most consequential foreign policy election in the post-war era, the trio of preeminent panelists also will debate how to project American power and how to protect the country from foreign threats.

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Why wait until November to find out who won the 2020 presidential campaign! Or which party captured the Senate and House. Although voters won’t head off to the polls for a couple of months, these wizards of political prognostication gather in a virtual town hall to pull back the ballot booth’s curtain.

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Three nationally known voices come together in Conversations On the Green's third event of the season to discuss the role of race in American politics and how identity issues will shape the 2020 campaign for the presidency and Congress.

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The second Conversation of our 2020 season, brings together a panel of renowned legal scholars to discuss the threats to the rule of law, which contains the furious competition among the Federal government's three branches.

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The opening event of Conversations On the Green’s eighth season brings together three of the nation’s sagest visionaries to discuss how the pandemic will indelibly change the country and affect the daily life of every American.